How to eat for £5 a week

Travel & Food are part of my life but I do NOT go to a restaurant every day. I usually am on a budget and it can be challenging at times.

I am used to spending around £80 per week to eat (£4,160 a year roughly). This includes take-away, snacks and the occasional restaurant. I want to get to a point where I can spend around £5 a week (around £260 a year) on food and be set for the week. So I will not go to the take-away route anymore. I might go to a restaurant or 2. I don’t want to spend more than £20 if I go to a restaurant.
I could save £3,900 this year just on food.

I decided to do that in 2019 as I want to save some more money to achieve one of my goals: buying my home (!!!) by 2021.
2019 started slowly on the saving front as my Christmas holiday was extended. Yay!!! And it took me a week to get my things sorted and be in my normal routine. But I am now officially starting my new program.

I’ll share with you all my meal plans and grocery shopping details.

N.B.: I don’t count in salt, pepper and other spices I’m using individually as the quantities I’ll use are really small, so it will be roughly 5p on top when I use some spices and seasoning. If I use oils or stock, I’ll add 5p as well. Any special spice or fresh ingredient will be counted individually (e.g. Fresh Garlic).


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