Just me


I started this blog because I love travelling and
I would like to share my experience with others. Then, other things were added.
I will share a lot in here…

I travel because I want to learn. I want to learn about other places, other people and other cultures.

I usually learn a lot about me on the way.
I like experiencing new things and meet new people.

There are a few things I do well:

There is a “new” quote I like a lot:
“Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside!”

I write a bit about life and I love to sing.

My life changed when I realised a few things about me:
Watching a movie at home over going to a party (99% of the time)
White wine over red wine (always but I like red wine)
Ice cream is life and the best dessert

It took me a long time but the lesson I got from life is:


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