Batch cooking for a year – End results

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After 2019 ended, I decided to take a few months to reflect on my 2019 challenge and think about my next steps towards my end goal: owning my house and produce part of the food I eat.
2019 was about batch cooking, saving money and planning for the following years.
For some fruits, I needed to think about the next 3 to 5 years as trees take time to grow and give fruits.

In any case, I wanted to give you an update on this lifestyle change I went through in 2019.
I planned on spending only £260 on food in 2019 so £5 a week.
I ended up spending £172.00 and this was an amazing surprise because I nearly spend £100 less than expected.

As I said last year, I started this as a way to save money to be able to make my life plan a reality. And this is a success, I am already looking at some pieces of land near Paris, France to create my corner of paradise.

By the end of 2019, I nearly emptied my cupboards.
I had salt, pepper, some oils, pasta, rice, flour pickled chili peppers in vinegar and chili pepper flakes left.
I am thrilled about one thing in particular. I was able to create loads of different meals with a few things and in a short amount of time.
Preparing and cooking everything for the week in 2 hours each Sunday was great.

I’m enjoying this way of managing meals and food in general. As I avoid waste and I am not uselessly storing items endlessly.
I said this before and I can confirm this now, I will use peels and other vegetable or fruit scraps for compost and feed my future animals moving forward to avoid a maximum of waste!

To be able to add the following items to my meal plans, I am spending around 9€ (around £8).
– proper ramen noodles, buckwheat noodles, granola, risotto rice
– seaweed, watermelon, grapefruit, prunes, lime, more fresh herbs
– tofu and halloumi
– fish and seafood

The next step is for 2021. I plan on reducing my weekly food spend to 5€ (around £4.5) as I am hoping I will be eating vegetables and fruits I will grow and eggs I will get from my hens.
I plan on rescuing some animals and offer them a new life.

2020 is fully used to find my land, build my house and get things started.

I can not wait for my dream to come true!

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