Week 51 – £3.59 [Last week of 2019]

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For the last week of 2019, I tried to go back to my usual self and avoid fat and carbs as I spent almost 10 days eating everything I could find. Haha!
My stomach is tired of it all right now but I love Christmas!

Shopping list:
Capture - Shopping

For breakfasts, I will have tea this week.

For lunches and dinners, I will enjoy the following:
– Sauteed courgettes
– Roasted courgettes with tomato sauce
– Cabbage soup
– Spaghetti with tomato sauce
– Cabbage salad
– Pickled cabbage

My week would cost £3.59, I bought my products from Leclerc (French store) and Lidl for this week.
And I actually spent £3.50 or 4.07€ for this week meal plan.
I counted around 10p of spices this week as I moved with most of my spices.
By the way, I almost used up all my spices. I will start 2020 with a whole new spicerack.

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