Week 49 – £5.26 [Mystery week update]

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For breakfasts, this week I had tea and a cereal bar most of the time (£0.60).
I had spiced hot chocolate on Sunday (£0.36). That was a treat!

Throughout the week, I ate the following meals. I wasn’t thinking about the prices and I enjoyed grocery shopping as I was actually planning recipes and not a week worth of food.

Meal #1 – £1.85 : Courgette cake
4 meals
Capture meal 1

Meal #2 – £1.81: Butternut soup
6 meals (I shared my recipe this year)
Capture meal 2

Meal #3 – £0.69: Spaghetti with roasted tomatoes
4 meals
Capture meal 3

Even if I slightly overspent this week it was a great challenge for me.
Spending £5 each week for the past year has probably changed the way I see things when it comes to grocery shopping.
I am glad I have managed to keep my week budget around £5.

Capture week 49

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