CL – 2018-06-13 – Day 10

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I finally got in the gallery at the Santa Lucia Hill on that day to check out local products and get some more information about Santiago.

I got to enjoy the sunny walk in Santiago. It was good to enjoy the vibe of Santiago and get a bit of a tan while walking 🙂

I went to the Basilica de la Merced. This was a good discovery especially because of its architecture and the colors.

I had to have a Chilean chowder: Chupe de mariscos
It came literally boiling and it was delightful and so tasteful.
If I ever go back to Chile… I will! …I’ll have the chupe de camarones!!!

In the evening, I was lucky enough to go to a Roberto Bravo concert and it was awesome!!! My friend gifted this to me.
The video below isn’t the concert I went to but I wanted to share the music I’ve heard.

During the entracte, my friend surprised me with the best snack ever: Sopaipillas!
I mean the joy in my heart 🙂


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