I didn’t know you at all. We met briefly in the city.
You hit on me with the sorriest line I’ve ever heard.
On that day, I was in the mood for any kind of physical connection…
and you were there.

I kissed you for no reason at all. There was no plausible explanation for my actions.
I just wanted to get out of my comfort zone and force my luck…
and you were there.

I wanted to find a partner for the evening and move on with my life.
I wanted to be selfish for a few hours and leave you behind for good…
and you were there.

We met a few days later and I really wanted to just have sex and leave, just wanted that.
You were being cute with me after knowing me for roughly 2 hours.
It surprised me because I thought we understood each other clearly.
I still went through with it. I was thinking I will be my selfish self anyway, enjoy this for an hour and leave.
You were just there.

I thought “he didn’t like it” and I can easily leave on my own and never see him again.
It should have been that simple but you liked it. You wanted to walk with me while I was going to meet a friend. You even stayed with me until my friend arrived.
You kissed me goodbye and I felt guilty and sorry for you.
You were just there.

I didn’t know how to tell you the truth.
I just said that “we are not looking for the same thing in this relationship” and I left.
I didn’t know how to act around you anymore.
I could have been nicer. I am sorry.
You were just there.

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