I joined a group for the day. The program was packed with lakes for that day but…

First stop: National Reserve Los Flamencos

We weren’t supposed to see many flamingos at this time of the year. However, they were there. It is a great surprise and a real moment.
We saw some fly, some eat and most of them were just there to rest.
This place is a must-see if you go to the Atacama desert.

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Second stop: Socaire

It is a town in the mountains. When you get there, you feel the peace of the mountains.


It was interesting to discover our life is there and the church was a good surprise.

For the following stops, no words are required. I would even know where to start. It was beautiful, breathtaking and just mesmerising.

Salar de Talar (Talar Salt Flats)


Tuyajto lagoon


Miscanti lagoon


Miñiques lagoon

We were luck to see some vicuñas! 🙂 [a wild relative of the llama or maybe the wild ancestor of the domesticated alpaca]

To recharge after a pack long morning, we enjoyed a great late lunch.
I felt REALLY happy when I discovered that part of the lunch was soup.
This one was a complete new addition to the list of soups I would have every day:

Quinoa soup


It is fair to say that I liked it a lot.

We ended the day with a stop on the Southern Pan American Highway to physically be on the Tropic of Capricorn. That stop gave us the opportunity to learn more about the Southern Pan American Highway and its history.
It was fun and we learned something.


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