Week 39 – £4.77 [Peas, lentils, beans]

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This week will be a 5-day week as I will be enjoying a weekend with my friends in the countryside.

For breakfasts, I am back to my first love this week!
It will be porridge oats with a bit of powdered hazelnuts.
I’ll just use my blender to make the powder myself 🙂

For lunches and dinners, I will mainly enjoy a mix of small plates:
– Baked beans
– Mushy peas
– Spicy brown rice
– Cabbage soup
– Sauteed cabbage
– Mug soups
– Sardines with homemade bread

My week would cost £4.77, I bought my products from Tesco for this week.
And I actually spent £2.53 for this week meal plan.
The hazelnuts, the brown rice, the mug soups, the flour and the green lentils are from my stock. I still have loads to go through.
And I counted 15p of spices this week.

If you are on a vegan diet, you could remove the sardines and add spinach or parsnips.


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