First day in Chile…

I had to go around Santiago and discover at least a few landmarks and eat something great.

First stop: Mercado Central

It is an interesting place full of food!!! I was impressed by how some fruits were presented and how they looked as well. Have you ever seen a double or triple kiwi?


I thought: I’ll have to come back to the main building and enjoy a Chilean meal!


Next stop: Catedral Metropolitana

Once you reach the Plaza de Armas, you will notice a cathedral… and lots of people everywhere. I mean, it was the case for me.
The silence you can enjoy in the cathedral is quite surprising but appreciated compared to the heckling outside. Appreciated as well.


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Next stop: Cerro Santa Lucia

I was happy to see this building in person as it would be showing up a lot if you research what to do in Santiago.


I kept on walking a bit to see the mountains even though it was a very cloudy day in Santiago. I really wanted to see them and see the snow.


Last stop: Dinner 😉

I followed the advice I was given to enjoy a great empanada in Chile…
It was delicious!!!


If you wonder what MERQUEN means…
It is a smoked chilli pepper used as a condiment in Chilean cuisine (at least part of Chile).

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