For breakfasts, it would be porridge oats or eggs depending on the time I need to be up in the morning… I have to be up quite early twice and boiled eggs are easier to manage on auto-pilot 😉

For lunches and dinners, I will enjoy:
– Red lentil soup
– Rice soup
– Carrot soup
– Fried rice with eggs and carrots
– Rice omelet
– Carrot salad

As snacks, I’ll have:
– Carrot sticks
– Tortilla chips

My week would cost £4.36, I bought my products from Lidl for this week as usual.
And I actually spent £4.21 for this week meal plan as I am still using my stock of spices. I think that I’ll have to buy new spices only around end of November… I still have loads of unopened stuff. Those cupboards are really deep.

If you are on a vegan diet, you could remove the eggs and add a cabbage like the one I had last week or choose parsnips and radishes for instance.


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