Week 27 – £3.26 [Vegan week] Apples

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I’m not changing anything for breakfasts as porridge oats make my day.
You can create your own style of porridge.

For lunches and dinners, when I’m on my own I’m preparing/having:
– Spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce
– Lentil stew with tomate sauce and spices
– Fresh apple slices
– Apple compote

My week would cost £3.26, I bought my products from Lidl and Tesco as usual.
I actually spent £1.96 for this week meal plan as I’m still using my stock of lentils and spices.

If you would like to add a source of protein, you can add eggs to the mix.
A box of 15 eggs costs £1.18 or so at Tesco and Lidl.
Your week would end up costing £4.44.


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