Week 24 – £4.66 [Vegan week]

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For breakfasts, I’ll have porridge oats as usual. It is a great habit for me.

For lunches and dinners, I’m preparing:
– Vegan lasagna with aubergines
– Mushroom rice (similar to risotto but I’m not using the risotto rice)
– Rice soup
– Oven-baked aubergines

My week would cost £4.66, I bought my products from Lidl and Tesco as usual.
I actually spent £3.56 for this week meal plan as I have plenty of spices 🙂 and I still have loads of mug soups in my cupboards. And I discovered 2 packs of Lasagne Pasta behind all the spices and mug soups.
I was lucky this week again. Aubergines were cheaper then usual at my local Lidl.


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