Week 14 – £4.54 [Beans & Lentils]

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For breakfasts, I’ll just have oats as usual.

For lunches and dinners, I’m preparing:
– Mug soups
– Green lentils
– Spaghetti with tomato sauce
– Red Kidney beans in a simplified chili version
– Sardines crushed with tomatoes

I’ll be using the following products this week:
– Spaghetti: 40p (1kg)
– Green lentils: £1.15 (500g)
– Sardine cans: 80p (2 cans)
– Porridge Oats: 53p (700g)
– Red Kidney Beans: 55p (1 can)
– Canned tomatoes: 56p (2 cans)
– Mug soup: 50p (8)

My week would cost £4.54, I bought my products mainly from Tesco and Lidl this week as usual. I just went to Lidl for the spaghetti.
I’m using mug soups from my stock (I still have a lot of these) so I spent £3.99 for this week meal plan.


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