The bread I wanted to buy from Tesco last week isn’t available in the Tesco stores near me so I decided to use this situation as an opportunity to try something new:
– I bought my groceries from Lidl
– I won’t use anything from my stock this week
– I will only use products I bought for the week
I wanted to challenge myself and show that even if you have no stock in your kitchen you can plan your meals for a week and spend under £5.

For breakfasts, I’ll have toasts, spinach or oven-baked apples (I might have those for desserts some days).

For lunches and dinners, I’m preparing:
– Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce
– Potatoes & carrots (baked, sauteed or else)
– Carrot sticks
– Fresh Spinach and carrot salad
– Oven-baked Spinach & Tomato filled Potato

I’ll be using the following products this week:
– Medium sliced wholemeal bread: 36p
– Apples: 79p (7)
– Spaghetti: 40p (2x500g)
– Spinach: 79p (450g)
– Potatoes: £1.25 (2.5kg)
– Chopped tomated: 56p (2 cans)
– Carrots: 38p (1kg)

My week would cost £4.63, I bought my products mainly from Tesco this week. I just went to Lidl for the spinach as they had a reduced price.
I’m using spaghetti and spices from my stock so I spent £4.13 for this week meal plan.


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