I decided to change it up this week even if I still have oats and muesli in my stock.
I have toasts in the morning with some green tea.
I thought about buying jam or jelly to add to that but I didn’t feel like it.
Just so you know, the strawberry jam from Tesco is only 65p the jar. You would use approximately half of it on your toasts so the week would end up being under £5 still: £4.80.

For lunches and dinners, I’m preparing:
– Spaghetti or Penne with garlic tomato sauce and/or melted cheese on top
– Baked Beans & Rice
– Sardines on toast

I usually go to Tesco to do my shopping but they didn’t have the bread I wanted:
-> H W Nevill’s Wholemeal Bread: 36p
So I went to Lidl to do some of my shopping. Between Tesco and Lidl, prices are similar when it comes to what I buy. I’m just used to Tesco a bit more.

I’ll be using the following products this week:
– Medium sliced wholemeal bread: 36p [from Lidl]
– Penne: 29p (500g) [from Lidl]
– Spaghetti: 20p (500g)
– Passata: 35p (500g)
– Cheddar: 90p (200g: remaining cheddar from a previous week)
– Rice: 28p (625g)
– Sardines: 80p (2 cans: one is in brine and one is in sunflower oil)
– Baked beans: £1.15 (5 cans)
– Garlic: 4p (3 cloves)
– Stock and spices: 10p

My week would cost £4.47 (stocks, spices and all herbs included).
I spent £3.54 as I’m using some new or restocked products this week.
The exceptions are Spaghetti, Passata, Rice, Stock and Spices.


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