Muesli is back to the rotation for this week.
I plan on eating oats as well this week though.
To upgrade the oats, I’ll use Peach slices. I bought a can to try this (£0.33).

For lunches and dinners, I’m preparing:
– Chicken and Rice soup
– Red cabbage salad
– Roasted veggies (Carrots & Potatoes)
– Parsnip Mash
– Carrot sticks

I am only using one can this week.

I only spend 80p today to buy the red cabbage. I almost finished all my stocked products.
I’ll be using the following products this week:
– Porridge oats: 53p (500g)
– Muesli: 24p (200g)
– Peach slices: 33p (one can)
– Parsnips: 29p (300g)
– Carrots: 30p (500g)
– Rice: 10p (225g)
– Potatoes: £1.10 (2.2 kg)
– Red cabbage: 80p (one)
– Chicken: 83p (1/4)
– Onions: 24p (400g)
– Garlic: 4p (3 cloves)
– Stock and spices: 10p

My week would cost £4.75 (spices and all herbs included).
I spent £4.55 as I’m using almost only new and/or restocked products this week.
The exceptions are Rice, Stock and Spices.


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