Week 7 – £4.57 [Vegetarian week]

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Muesli was a great addition to my breakfast options. And Sultanas are a nice touch in oats.
I plan on eating oats only this week though. I’ll add back Muesli and Sultanas in my meal plans for the upcoming weeks as I didn’t eat the whole packs I bought anyway.

For lunches and dinners, I’m preparing a lot of options:
– Veggie soup (Carrots, Parsnips, Potatoes and Onions)
– White cabbage salad
– Mixed salad
– Taboulé/Tabouleh/Tabbouleh (I don’t know how you write this properly but I saw these three ways)
– Hard boiled eggs

I am not using any cans this week.

I had to restock a few things this week so I spent £6.57 at Tesco yesterday.
– Porridge oats: 75p for 1kg (I’ll only use 700g this week)
– Parsnips: 49p for 500g (I’ll use only 200g this week)
– Carrots: 59p for 1kg (I’ll used only 500g this week)
– Cucumber: 60p for 1
– Tomatoes: 75p for 6
– White cabbage: 79p for 1
– Couscous: £1.35 (I’ll use only 273g. I know it is an odd number but it is the size of the mug I use to measure couscous usually 🙂 )
– Potatoes: £1.25 for 2.5kg (I’ll use 300g only this week)

My week would cost £4.57 (spices and all herbs included).
I spent £4.52 as I’m using all new and/or restocked products this week.



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