For breakfasts, I planned to eat oats as usual but I’ll alternate with Muesli.
And to add to the oats, I bought sultanas/raisins (depending on what you call them).
This is a new addition to my morning, we’ll see if I like it as much.
It was suggested strongly.

For lunches and dinners, again I prepared a lot of options:
– Parsnip soup
– Chicken breast marinated in a lot of spices and herbs
– Cheesy mini-cakes
– Spaghetti
– Rice
– Mushy peas
– Vegan chili

Like last week the mushy peas are in a can.

I’m surprised again by the amount of food I have!

My week would cost £4.97 (spices, fresh garlic and all herbs included). I spent £4.41 as I had to buy a few products and used products recently purchased:
– Tinned Chopped tomatoes: 28p (these were 29p last week)
– Mushy peas: 16p
– Tinned Red kidney beans: 30p
– Porridge oats: 30p (I only count the 400g I’m using this week)
– Fresh Garlic: 20p (used this week from the stock I purchased last week)
– Onions: 18p (used this week from the stock I purchased last week)
– Parsnips: 49p
– Chicken: 83p (I used only 1/4 of a big chicken for this week and froze the rest)
– Eggs: 48p (6 eggs)
– Cheddar: 90p (half a pack)

The remaining 56p are other bits from my stock: flour, rice, spaghetti, spices.

Cost: £4.97
Spend: £4.41


I decided to post this week’s meal plan while the cake were in the oven but you get the idea.



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