Week 5 – £4.82 [Vegan week]

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To plan this week I “struggled” a little bit because I wanted to cook everything.
I chose to focus on Beans, Peas and Lentils as I love these in general. Dried or tinned, they bring joy to me.

For breakfasts, I planned to eat oats as usual. No surprise on that front as I feel like it’s a great start of the day. Warm and sweet!

For lunches and dinners, I prepared a lot of options:
– Sesame-roasted carrots and potatoes
– Lentils and carrots
– Carrot and yellow split peas soup
– Vegetable stew
– Rice
– Spaghetti

And I have a few tinned beans/peas as options on top of that:
– Baked beans
– Mushy peas
– Red kidney beans

If you are surprised by the amount of food I was able to prepare for the week… you’re not the only ones, I’m surprised too!
But so happy!

My week would cost £4.82 (spices, fresh garlic and sesame seeds included). I spent £2.09 as I had to buy a few products:
– Tinned Baked beans: 23p
– Tinned Chopped tomatoes: 29p
– Mushy peas: 16p (2 cans so 32p)
– Tinned Red kidney beans: 30p
– Porridge oats: 75p (I only counted the 200g needed to top-up my weekly need of oats: 15p)
– Fresh Garlic: 62p (I used for 3p)
– Onions: 60p (I used 18p)
– Carrots: 59p

As I always used products I already have in my cupboards and fridge, the summary is as follow:

Cost: £4.82
Spend: £2.09




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