For breakfasts, I planned to eat oats as usual. Oats are always warm and tasty.
Great breakfast, especially if you had cinnamon!

For lunches, I prepared potatoes in 2 ways:
– Passata and chorizo
– Cheese and herbs
And I’ll have Chicken soup as well.

It’s still pretty cold so dinners will be chicken soup as well!!!
If you don’t know I love soup by now, I’m surprised.

My snacks will be pickled cucumber!!! I love pickles!!!

My week would cost £4.36 (spices included). I spent £1.85 this week but I won’t use the whole 2.5kg of potatoes.

As I always used products I already have in my cupboards and fridge, the summary is as follow:

  • Cost: £4.36
  • Spend: £1.35



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