For breakfasts, I planned a mix of peach slices and oats. It doesn’t mean that I’ll have oats and peach every day, it means that I can choose to have that or just peach slices or just oats. I’ll use milk some mornings for my oats

For lunches, I’ll mix and match: egg rice, rice, baked beans and mushy peas.
Just because I felt like it, I bought eggs for my snacks.

And this week, I plan on having a bowl of soup for dinner every day because it is really cold and soup is just amazing!!! It is! This week is Carrots & Red split lentils. Yum.

My week would cost £4.82 (spices included). I was thinking of making a loaf of bread for the week (£0.15) but I really felt like it was unnecessary.

As I used products I already had in my cupboards the summary is as follow:

  • Cost: £4.82
  • Spend: £2.01

The most expensive product is eggs this week but I have 15 of them.

  • 10 hard boiled eggs for snacks
  • 5 for my egg rice


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