How I plan on saving money in 2019

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As far as I can remember, I’ve never saved money to achieve something big like buying a place of my own or anything like this.
2019 is the year to make my dreams come true.

I decided that I’ll save at least £12,000 this year by literally cutting out almost everything.

I’ve decided that I’ll spend £5 per week this year at most.
This means that I’ll use up what’s in my kitchen and save at least £75 a week this year on food.
I’m pushing this to the extreme when it comes to food. I’ll consume food to up to £5 a week including the stuff I have in my kitchen: pantry, fridge and freezer.
Each week I’ll share my week meal plan.

It’s quite simple… I won’t be spend a penny this year. This means that I’m saving £1,200 already this year. I don’t need more clothes, shoes or accessories. I’m set for the next 3 years I think.

Cinema and theatre:
Unless I’m invited to anything. I won’t spend anything on entertainment of that type to save around £450.
I’ll enjoy Netflix, YouTube, reading and music as usual.

Going out:
This includes anything from going for drinks to going to a restaurant to going to a party.
If my contribution can be included in the cost of my new way of living then I would go. If I have to add unplanned expenses, I won’t go!
This is saving me another £3,120 a year.

Beauty products:
I stopped wearing make-up every day 3 years ago. I only wear make-up if I really need to! As an example, I had to go through a photo-shoot for work… Make-up was required. I cut my own hair and I decided to stop going to any nail salon.
After checking on the stock of products I own at the moment, I can go through a full year and more without spending anything extra. I don’t even know why I have so much shampoo, soap and shower gel in the first place.
I’ll be saving around £2,080 this year.

This year, I planned all my travels in advance and I know what I will be spending roughly. I won’t go on last minute trips/weekends like the previous years.
This costs me around £1,250 each year. So I’m saving this as well.

To sum up:

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