Last week I craved carbs, a lot! And I felt like having snacks during the day randomly.
I decided to make some sort of scones to enjoy some savoury goods this week and I added a few products to be able to have snacks.

  • Cheddar scones (I’ll share the recipe if you want)
  • Red cabbage salad
  • Carrots
  • Soup
  • Apples
  • Peanut butter (It might seem expensive but it’s pure peanut: no sugar, preservatives or anything else)
  • Granola

I added the seasoning & co to the cost of the carrot in the costs of my week.

My week would cost me £4.85 (spices included). I am under my budget. I could splurge and add sweetcorn or eggs to my salad but I feel like having just red cabbage and carrots.

As I used products I already had in my cupboards the summary is as follow:

Cost: £4.85
Spend: £2.64

I removed the egg I wanted and the product you can see on the board is apples (£0.69).



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