As my new way of living starts, I decided that I’ll have a simple start where I can mix and match different dishes every day!

  • Steamed Brussels sprouts
  • Chilli bacon
  • Leek fondue
  • Red split lentil soup
  • Onion compote

I kept chilli on the side as well as putting some in the dishes. I’ll adjust as I go. I like spicy food.
I forgot to add the 55p of Scottish oats I have for my breakfasts and the 30mL of sunflower oil I used to cook everything.

To sum up, my week would cost me £5.71 (spices included). I am close to my budget.
As I used products I already had in my cupboards the summary is as follow:

  • Cost: £5.71
  • Spend: £0 (Hurray! This is a good start)


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