Arrived to Auckland the day before in the evening but the road-trip started that Tuesday morning.
And it was already the best time of my life (so far)!

First stop: Thames
It is quiet and relaxing. I liked it.
I wouldn’t say that it is a necessary stop but I enjoyed it.

Also, this is where I saw for the first time a new fruit to me!
The kiwano!!!

It was time to get back on the road and that is when I was able to enjoy the views…

Second stop: Coromandel
After a quick look around and a stop to see a tiny waterfall: Waiau Falls,

it was time for some more driving and some more breathtaking views:

before arriving at the first official stop of this road trip, there was a need for some hot water beach enjoyment!

And some more views:

Last stop of the day: Opoutere, for the night!

2 Replies to “NZ – 2018-03-20 – Day 1”

  1. Je suis contente que tu en prennes plein les yeux. Ca fait plaisir!
    La NZ est effectivement bien placée sur la liste!!! 😀 xxxx


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