NYC – 2017-08-11 – Day 2

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The second day was full of sunlight and heat. Great time to enjoy Central Park and take some pictures from the Reservoir.


I needed to see the Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) this time and the architecture of this building is just impressive.IMG_20170811_1029461

Then we went back in the Central park to enjoy a bit more of a green space and see the Bethesda Fountain:IMG_20170811_1107328


After getting out the Central park, continuing on the Fifth avenue seemed like the best idea as the St. Patrick’s Cathedral was near.

Beautiful building:IMG_20170811_1254524

And Time square was our next stop before heading to the Grand Central Station. The contrast between the Central park’s quietness and Time square’s business was unreal but I liked that a lot.IMG_20170811_1540593

We finally got to the Grand Central Terminal and enjoyed the light from the outside coming in. This building is magnificent.IMG_20170811_1612322


We enjoyed a ride on the tramway to Roosevelt Island. It was fun and kind of a relaxing time. We were able to see a bit of Manhattan from there. IMG_20170811_1717019

Summer in NYC is just forcing you to drink water every two hours just to make sure you’re alright but sometimes you need a brain freeze to fight the heat. Kidding! Not keen on the brain freeze but the XL Slurpee was welcome for sure.IMG_20170811_1755063

For dinner we got the chance to be next to Wahlburgers and I have to say that it was a blast. I mean it was very enjoyable.

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