NYC – 2017-08-10 – Day 1

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First day of my second trip to NYC and it starts with one of the best spots in NYC:
Statue of Liberty!!! And we got a great lemonade because it was so hot in NYC.




Price: $18.50 (Same as my first time. We got the Reserve ticket). You can’t go on the Pedestal or in the Crown with this ticket. To access the Crown or the Pedestal, you’ll need to really book in advance in summer and it would be obviously a different price.

This time I took some pictures of the questions you get when you want to become a US citizen. Hehe! And some of them are really interesting.



This time I was lucky enough to see not one but TWO school buses!!! Small things would make me happy in one second I have to admit.


We walked to Ground Zero to take a minute to think about life over there and take some pictures of the area. The water falling is a good meditation sound.

We discovered the Oculus in The World Trade Center area. The architecture is interesting inside and out. It’s actually full of stores of all sorts and you have access to the subway in there.



On the way home, we find some stores to get some groceries and I was impressed by how the fruits and vegetables were set up on the shelves. You almost don’t want to purchase anything as it would ruin the whole thing. Haha.



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