NYC – 2015-11-26 – Day 6

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On Day 6, I got the chance to be in New York for the Parade. I was fun and nice to be part of it.Day 6 NYC 1

The rest of the day I walked through NYC and went on the High Line. The point of view from there is indeed amazing.Day 6 NYC 2

Day 6 NYC 3

Day 6 NYC 4

Day 6 NYC 5

Day 6 NYC 6

Day 6 NYC 7

Day 6 NYC 8

After a good walk on the High Line, I ended up next to NYU in the Washington Square Park. I enjoyed a short stop there as someone was playing some music and others were dancing.Day 6 NYC 9

Then I chose to continue going down to Lower Manhattan to do some window shopping and saw beautiful buildings in that area as I was going to China Town and Little Italy. Day 6 NYC 10

Day 6 NYC 11

Day 6 NYC 12

Day 6 NYC 13

Day 6 NYC 14

While going back on Lafayette street, I saw some more amazing buildings in NoHo and NoLiTa.



The nightlife vibe was always nice and I would have enjoyed a lot more of it if it was my goal for this trip. I’m not really a party animal but I could have enjoyed a show or two there.Day 6 NYC 17


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